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Hi there! My name is Kate Batten,

I am an International Coach and Publishing Specialist. As a coach, I help authors and professionals grow their platforms by partnering them to enable them to publish, market and sell their books to international best-seller status and all this while earning thousands of $$ in revenue in the process.

Along my journey, I have had the pleasure of consulting many publishers and helping over 500 people hit the Amazon.com best-sellers list. I have also and created and published my very own international best-selling book series; The Missing Piece. I have consulted TV personalities and award-winning Hollywood film directors, but my real passion lies in partnering up with established business owners so they can earn up to $180,000 with one book BEFORE it even goes to print.

What I have learned along my career in international publishing and becoming a 19 x international best-selling author myself, is that being a published author is more than a way to share your voice and expert advice with others. It’s also a tremendous marketing tool that really makes people sit up and take notice of you, no matter what industry or profession you are in. Everyone wants to do business with the person who is a “Published Author” and even more so a “Best Selling Author”.

With My Proven Publishing and Marketing System: I have coached and helped many business owners all across the world to add a publishing leg to their businesses, and this has helped them achieve things way beyond what they could ever imagine! These business owners have now gone on to make substantial revenue through the success of having a powerful  book platform.

There is no denying how powerful books are to your platform, books can help you:

Just by partnering with me and my team and applying a simple step by step formula that myself and my team help take you through, you could have exactly the same success as many business owners before you! I and my team will take care of everything on the production and creation side. You just need to fetch your people to the project and we can begin the journey to creating a book.

This is a tried and tested system that has been used countless times by myself to help business owners that I have partnered with previously and helped create over 500 best-selling authors in the world. This system has never failed one of them! They all went on to have amazing success through the power of an anthology.

Here is just a few more of the projects:

Meet the Team

For many years myself and my team have helped people smash the Amazon best-seller charts in a matter of hours. We have seen so many authors have astounding success in their lives and business, and we look forward to partnering with you to help you to be the next success story!

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More Testimonials

Kate was my publishing mentor. I was a part of one of her compilations in 2016. Being a part of that experience was amazing as it was my first book compilation and my sharing my story with the world was the best release mentally.

Becoming a bestselling author changed my life! I changed my coaching practice and decided I wanted to publish my own book. Kate mentored me through the process, and I learned so much about myself. I discovered that many of the previous corporate talents that I loved I would be incorporated when I published my book. I brought 23 co-authors together, and we launched Obstacles equal Opportunities in June 2017. It hit the overall top 100 books on Amazon on its release day, and it made the bestseller list. This was a dream come true for my fellow co-authors and me. Kate was there every step of the way to guide and support. She empowered me to step into my role as a publisher. Seven months later, I have launched a publishing company with full agency service. I have launched two more bestsellers, and I have met so many amazing people and authors. Through the connections I made and the credibility gained from the books I have published, I also have started a podcast network and radio show. This healthcare manager has left her job and become a full-time publisher, helping real people’s stories come to life through heart-felt publications that help readers know they are not alone on their journey through life. Thank you, Kate, for the life-changing experience.

Heather Andrews
Heather Andrews #1 Best Selling Author, Publisher & Coach

Working with Kate was a game changer for my business, and me! Before I met Kate, I was spinning my wheels, chasing shiny objects, and heading nowhere fast. After I started working with Kate, I gained complete clarity and focus. She helped me to see the gifts that I bring to the world, and how to leverage those gifts in a way that can benefit my clients, my community and the world at large. She has a no B.S., no fluff, call it as she sees it style that I really appreciate. I have the same style, so we worked incredibly well together. I am forever grateful to Kate for her amazing coaching, her friendship, and her spunky spirit. Thanks, Kate for all that you do! You are amazing!

Dana Zarcone
Dana Zarcone #1 Best Selling Author, Publisher & Coach