How to Live the Life You Love!

First, you need to accept:


How do you get to a point where you live the life you love? How do you finally get to a stage where everything you do is a pleasure and not a chore? Well, first you need to get real about the reality you are living right now. Are there things in your life right now that makes you feel really drained and miserable?

We live in a world where people don’t love their lives as much as they really could and we get stuck in a rat race of doing what we hate which cancels out what we love. We pay no attention to how we feel and sweep it completely under the carpet like it doesn’t matter. In fact, we become so great at it we become master sweepers!

Trust me I know:

Do you know how I know this? That is because I use to let the things I hate take over the things I loved in my life. I would get so caught up in “thinking” I needed to do what I hated in order to make others happy, yet at the cost of completely depleting my own happiness and joy by doing so. Mannn… Was I in a stinky funk, and killing myself spiritually inside!

At the beginning of this year, I made a HUGE decision that I was going to create a life I LOVED and no longer do anything I hated. I was only going to work on projects that excited me and start taking one thing each week out of my life I hated, or that made me feel like I was depleting my soul. Now, to get to this stage of thinking was due to losing two people close to us (I say “us” because I am talking about me and my husband).

If there is one thing experiencing death can do for you, is wake you the f***k up and help you take major stock of your life, which is what it did with me. I came to the huge clarity that life is too precious to waste and that none of us truly know how long we have left on this planet, We all die, and it’s something we need to stop hiding from and accept fully, so in the time I do have left (even if it’s 40-50 years or 5 days) I am not going to spend another minute doing what I hate.


Start deleting the energy drains:

Now, it’s ok making this huge decision, but HOW? Was I going to do this? How was I going to move towards living the life I truly loved? Well, that was easy! I was started to take one thing out my life every week that I didn’t like doing, or whatever drained me.


Move forward to the life you love:

You can also do this, and start to make a habit of taking one thing out your life per week that seriously drains you. By doing this you will have taken out 4 things out per month, and that will add up to a MASSIVE 48 things per year!! WOW! can you imagine how great you will feel 12 months from now? It will be like somebody has taken a huge concrete block weight off your shoulders and given you a new vest for life.

I spent far too many years of my life doing things I hated, and now I am in a place of shaping and forming the life I love and I wanted to share with you what worked for me.  That is because I want for you, that I have for me now, which is far more peace and ease in my life then I did 12 months ago. There is no price you can place on peace of mind, peace of soul and peace in your work. It’s priceless, and every human being on this planet has the God-given right to that peace. 

Last week I wrote a blog post on how coming to terms with my phone addiction and how I beat it really helped me. You can read that post right here at this link. That was one major deletion from my life that I don’t miss and never will again! It feels great to be finally (after 39 years on this planet) to be shaping and forming the life I feel excited to live and leave behind the crap.

So, join me on my quest and gift yourself the life you love by deleting one thing out your life each week that no longer serves you.


God Bless you!







Kate xx

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  1. Paul Albert
    Paul Albert says:

    Thanks for the reminder Kate and also for your post last week. I did follow through and deleted FB and Sky News from my phone. OMG, what a difference, I feel like a new person. It’s made me realise that they aren’t toxic in themselves (or things I hate) but that constantly checking them and subsequently doing nothing productive is. I’m making a list today of other things I hate / that don’t serve me well.

    • katebatten1979
      katebatten1979 says:

      Paul that is freaking amazing!!!! Well done you!!! I hear you! It’s the habit that drains us! I have so much more time now I deleted the Facebook app from my phone. When we put things in place to make it more difficult to access them we don’t bother accessing them as much, and what a time saver it truly is 🙂


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