How to Overcome Your Fear of Writing

Fear can stop you in your tracks and overcome you ever pursuing your dreams! In today’s Missing Piece Vlog I am going to teach you how to overcome your fear of writing so that you can live with passion, purpose and inspire other’s with your words. I want to pluck out that negative thought from your mind and motivate you to share your words with the world.

Until I actually wrote my first book I never really knew the true power and influence words could have on another, until one day a reader contacted me and told me. I had always gone through my young adult life hating myself and not feeling like I was ever worthy of much, yet now today as I look back I realize I just didn’t see how truly amazing I really was and how I could be whoever I wanted to be and all it took was for me to face my fears.

I hope by sharing the vital information in this week’s Missing Piece vlog really helps you kick any fear you have to the curb and take that dream and run with it. That is why I thought it would be a great idea to fetch into my vlog some armchair moments where myself and you could sit down and talk about the main issues that crop up along our journey and stop us before we have even begun to create.

I spent far too many years in the shadows of fear, and I don’t want the same for you! That is why these armchair moments are so vital. So, that I can share with you my own life testimonies of how I dealt with my own struggles, what I placed into my life to get through it and deal with them and how these can help you on your own journey too.

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I do making them! May you kick your fears to the kurb and live an extrodinary life doing what you love with great passion.

Until next week, stay awesome!

God Bless,






Kate xx


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  1. Paul Albert
    Paul Albert says:

    Crush that fear indeed. Absolutely right as well with people’s feelings about you being none of your business. Also hope the rest of the tea was hair free!


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