How to write a powerful chapter

When it comes to writing a chapter how can you really touch your reader and bring them into your writing? In this week’s vlog, I am going to share with you How to write a powerful chapter that really connects with your reader.

A chapter that will bring them into your world and totally absorbed them into a book that they just cannot stop reading and must keep turning the page to read more. Gaining your reader’s attention is important, but keeping their attention is a craft that can be mastered over time if you just know how to do it well. Once you know the skill of keeping them engaged in your writing, then you can keep working on to make it better.

The end result will be readers not being able to put your book down and reading it start to finish in a matter of days because you emotional grabbed them and absorbed them into your book.

So, let’s get started! I have added to this video a audio that I recorded over a year ago for a book project I was leading. It had 30 authors in at the time and myself and my team were hired to lead and coach the group. That book went on to become a #1 best selling book, so the info shared in this week’s vlog is gold dust!

You really don’t want to miss it! This could be the information that you need to write in such a powerful way that your readers will be begging for you to write more books. Which then becomes a great relationship between you and your reader and encourages you the author to write so much more.

If you need help to learn how to list the chapters you are going to write, then do go back to my last week’s vlog right here:  This will help you learn how to list your chapter subjects and give you helpful advice on how to clear the fog in your mind so you can create and be on your chapter writing way.

Stay tuned for another vlog next week, where I help you schedule your writing pattern and start to make time for all your writing and give you a simple step by step guide to making that happen.

Until next week,

Stay awesome!

God Bless






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