If You Can Dream it You Can Do It!

Have you ever heard the saying “If You Can Dream it You Can Do It!”?


I heard this saying “If you can dream it you can do it” around 9 years ago when I set out on my self-discovery journey and I couldn’t believe that a person like me could ever succeed or amount to something in this world. I had just left a very violent relationship and was paralyzed down the right-hand side of my body due to having a stroke.

The decision that changed everything:

At that moment in time, I was a completely empty shell that relied on my two children to help me get dressed in the mornings. This was not the life I had envisioned for myself at the age of 32 and definitely not the responsibility I wanted to place upon my children’s shoulders every day. I had always prided myself on being very independent and I had run businesses from home for most of my children’s lives. So, as you can imagine being left in a helpless position due to having a stroke and relying on my two children to get dressed, was a huge thing for me.

I remember being laid in bed one evening and making the conscious decision that I would be able-bodied again. I decided there and then that I didn’t care what it took, I was going to move and do things for myself again. As I laid there I would start to vision myself fully functioning again and doing everything by myself. I would then back that up with a feeling of determination and keep pushing myself to move my arm and shoulder every day.

It worked!

Each day I got that little bit stronger and more movement in my arm and shoulder, and now 8 years later I am fully functioning again. I no longer need aid to do anything and the only visual of me ever having a stroke is that I have a stutter now and again, other wise I am completely fine and healthy and walk around 15 miles a week for exercise.

What this taught me:

What this valuable lesson taught me was that “If You Can Dream it You Can Do It”! If you can see yourself doing this in your mind and back it up with huge determination, then anything is possible. So, I kept going and started to dream of things I never thought possible like becoming a best selling author, becoming an influential coach, flying across the world to teach people what I had achieved, and I dreamed about launching an online magazine.

Well, guess what? I did it all! …And more!

That more being, that I enrolled in university and started a degree in criminology and psychology. I am currently coming to the end of my first year with above average score on every assignment that I have submitted so far. Me! Yes! Me! The girl that didn’t even know where to place a commer in her paragraphs 9 years ago!!! Grammer was my worse fear and it kept me from writing and releasing my first ever ebook 7 years ago. The fear would grip my throat so tight and take my anxiety up the walls and roll it around on the ceiling.

Until I started to visualize things ahead of time and back it up with that determined decision of “I am going to do this no matter what it takes” nothing changed for me.

Lack of believeth that I could ever do it and no self-worth contributed to me never achieving any of these things in the past. Isn’t it strange how losing everything leads us to gain more eventually? Like every breakdown is a breakthrough!

We human beings are capable of far more then we give credit for and when we start to place the thought and vision into our minds of where we want to go, we then program that mind for an outcome. The mind then goes on a search to make that outcome happen because it is backed up with determination of no matter what!

Can you imagine in 5 years time when I have my degree and become a university lecturer, how this story of how I got there will impact the lives of the next generation in my class? How the full journey of what I have acheieved happened through me believing in myself.

So many people don’t believe in themselves and let the desires of their hearts die along with the determination to make it happen. Well, not this girl! If I can dream it, I can bloody well do it! And so can you!


I hope this jump starts your day with some motivation to make your own dreams reality!


Have a beautiful Wednesday my friend!






Love Kate xx

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