Placing Yourself First Helps You Lead Stronger!

You are only human, and sometimes you can get too caught up in the rat race and totally forget to feel. When I say you forget to feel I am talking about you running so fast on the treadmill of chasing your dreams that you become out of touch with your emotions and it will wear you down if you forget to “feel.”

Really feeling your emotions and getting to grips with them is needed so that you can become a better leader altogether. If you keep running at 120 miles an hour and taking on one huge project after another without a break or time to reflect, you will burn yourself out and be completely useless to those who look to you for answers.

I use to be that leader that ran 120 miles an hour, taking on one massive global project after another, and working long stupid hours each week that took me away from my family as I repeated the same old excuse that “I can’t be there I have to work” just to feed my big fat ego, and really I had lost complete touch with myself and was really chasing a fantasy.

What a difference 3 and half years, plus, major spiritual maturity can do for you! The way I look and feel about things now is completely different to how I did 3 years ago. That’s because now I am far more in touch with how I feel, and take time to reflect how I feel and how this will have an effect on my work as a public figure. Gone is the game face, and it’s replaced with a “this shit is real” face.

Along with my spiritual awakening journey, I learned something so powerful that I have now taken on as my moto and my own everyday living principle, which is;

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
~John 8:32

So, in order to be free, we first need to learn and accept the truth, but how do we learn what the truth is in order to be free? This was a huge awakening for me to bring this into my life and when I did learn the truth, I then learned how to fetch it into my life and live the truth out on a daily basis.

The truth set me free. Free from a life of pretend, free from a life of chasing success, and free from a life of bondage in doubt or comparison to others. I just became me, and in touch with me and had my eyes awakened to how we can all get out of touch with how we feel. I also learned the more we become that truth, the more we “feel”.

It’s at that point of truth and feel that we can make much better decisions and lead by example. Last week I found out my auntie had passed away from Motor neuron disease, and she was a huge part of my childhood, so finding out about her death shook me and hit me quite hard. Now, 3 years ago I would have carried on working 120 hours a week, not stopping to feel this and kept moving to keep myself busy to not even consider how I feel….. And exactly what example would I have been to you?

A crap one, that’s what.

An example that would be living a complete lie and projecting that it’s completely fine to lose a family member and still smile on live videos. Which is complete bullshit, my friend. It’s creating a level of fake leadership that followers would then follow and lose touch with who they are in order to live up to that expectation that I would have created… Again which is bullshit.

That is why with the events that have happened and affected me last week I am taking some time out of podcasting, live videos and placing back a few large projects for this month. This is so I can take this time to feel what I need to feel and reflect on the feelings. So that I can spend time “being Kate” and not push myself to be doing what I don’t need to do.

Just by taking a mighty step back for a month is going to help recharge me and lead you a whole lot stronger, because I took time to feel and face myself, rather than paint a game face on and lead you to a bullshit expectation.

So, over the next coming month, I will still run my Facebook page and private Facebook group, plan out the next book that I am writing, along with working closely on a small project with CLI (Christian Leaders Insitute).

Other than that, this lady is taking her time to feel, and reflect and recharge, so that when she does come back in full swing, she is leading by example and living her TRUTH!

Have a wonderful Tuesday,

Make this your best day yet!






Kate xx


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