This Little Light Of Mine

At times, more often these days it seems, we are reminded that we live in dark times.  Current events, past history and future concerns are in the forefront of our consciousness. We can feel helpless, afraid and even hopeless.

Now more than ever we need to work together for the collective good and success of everyone, after all, we are all in this together, like it or not.

Some days are darker than others and it can seem daunting to continuously muster up the energy and optimism to get up and leave the house, let alone get through the day.

There are many shades of gray days as well, all clouded by our depth of perception and pain. How do we get out of this funk?

Why is it then that we can have months of great days and when one dark day hits-it feels like it can be never ending? Why have we become so critical and harsh in regards to ourselves and those around us that we feel and act like we are sucking on sour grapes?

We can realize that there are times when we can’t do it alone, we need help.  How do we get past pride and doubt and reach out for assistance?  When we are so low how can we believe that help is even possible? How do we stop sitting around waiting for someone else to rescue us from this island of confusion?

I say we find and take our power back, even if it is in small increments. So how do we do this when we feel so lost and perhaps lonely?

After speaking to a few friends about this subject we came up with a few suggestions:

  1. Pick up the phone and talk to someone. If you are not ready to talk about what’s troubling you, perhaps you can just listen and share in the conversation at hand and feel connected and NOT ALONE.
  2. Move: Get up and walk around. Outside is great but if you can’t don’t use it as an excuse, just walk around somewhere. Get your blood circulating and activate your body and brain.
  3. Give yourself a hug if you need one. If someone you trust is near, ask them- no questions asked.
  4. Plan a get together. Meet with at least one other person-go for coffee or suggest that you go for a walk together.

The list goes on and perhaps you have your own experiences to add to this list. Its good to stay connected- to yourself, to nature, to others.

There are ways to empower ourselves and to let others be part of that process when we sometimes can’t find our way or just need a little boost.

An exercise that I have experienced is to be in a room with a group of people and we each have a candle. The light goes out and we hear someone speak about the darkness. We tune into that -all of it; the sometimes certainty of it, the uneasiness, the vulnerability.  Once we have listened and shared in the darkness, one person lights their candle addressing the fact that there is ALWAYS light within us-even if it is dim. What makes our light shine brighter is to help light someone else’s candle. One by one the candles light the candle that was next to them until, even though we all were in darkness, the light from the collective candles lit the room and showed us that we each had our own light, our shared light helps others, and their light makes ours shine even brighter -so no matter how dark-dark gets- there is always light.

Do you need help with your candle?

Whose candle can you help shine brighter?

Who can help you shine a little brighter?

Sending you light from my candle, hoping to make your day a little brighter. Plus you can download this PDF right here, this way it can remind you everytime you look at it.

Much Love,

Donna xx

Let’s celebrate and enjoy the magic, the mystery, and the mayhem of menopause as we embrace our true selves, our beauty and uniqueness. Find out more at:

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