Timeout Saves You From Burnout!

Ever feel like there are not enough hours in one day? Like suddenly the world as swallowed up your time and your to-do list become like a “to don’t list?”.. Yeah, I use to know what that felt like until I took control of my time and started taking the timeout. That was because I learned that Timout Saves You From Burnout.

Timout, truly made me happy!

I learned that taking time out to reflect on what truly matters made me a happy, well-balanced person in my life and my business. I showed up a whole lot stronger, focused better and I lead projects a whole lot calmer and with a clearer mind. In today’s crazy ass world there is so much pressure, especially for online business owners to keep on top of the trends, to keep up-to-date with the latest marketing ideas, keeping on top of their social media platforms and constantly creating content to deliver to their followers. This results in many people taking on far too much and ending up suffering from complete exhaustion and burnout.

The rat race begins to get faster, we lose our passion for what we are doing and totally forget why we got started in the first place! I know, because I have been there, done that and wore the bloody t-shirt!

That’s why timeout stops you from burnout:

  1. *Timeout gives you an opportunity to reflect.
  2. *Timeout gives you chance to slow down and see what needs to be changed.
  3. *Timeout is a great way of gifting yourself with the self-love you deserve.
  4. *Timeout makes you appreciate where you are right now.
  5. *Timeout can lead to the next HUGE career step of your journey.
  6. *Timeout helps you observe what no longer serves you.
  7. *Timeout helps you come back even stronger.

With having the timeout you will reap so many benefits that you never thought possible! It will give you new great ideas, clear your mind and give you HUGE breakthroughs! It will also give you great opportunity to see things from a different perceptive, which is something you can’t see when you are too caught up in the rat race.

Recently in my timeout period, I became so clear on how I was going to touch so many more lives with my training, teaching, and coaching and teach other’s how to build a business on strong spiritual principles that will lay the foundations for generations to come. Yet, I wouldn’t have had this clarity or vision if I didn’t respect myself enough to have the timeout.

The more you consider timeout for yourself the more you are going to consider building a legacy, rather than chasing currency. The more I focused on building a legacy the more my joy, happiness, balance, boundaries, and fun returned to my life. I could actually clearly see where I wanted to go, what I wanted to build, and how I was going to build it, and how I was going to teach it.

I started a Youtube channel, and I am going to place all my knowledge of the past 8 years of book writing, building a successful business online, how I sold thousands of copies of my books, and how I made every book of my 19 books a best selling book through the power of social media marketing…. And it’s going to be completely accessible for FREE!

Not just that, but it’s going to be there for many years to come so that even if I am not here in 10 years time, then to my children and grandchildren I will be, with valuable information to help them through every step of their lives spiritually, mentally, emotionally and educationally!

All this started, because I consider timeout over burnout!

What can you take away from this today? and how can you apply it to your life?

Until next time,

Have a wonderful Wednesday,






Kate xxx

To learn how to write books, get them to the best sellers list and build a successful business online with strong spiritual principles that will create strong foundations for generations to come, just click the button below to subscribe to my Youtube channel. We launch June 25th, 2018

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